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Say peace to the world
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Say peace to the world

"Say peace to the world: War,never,never!!"

 It's hard to talk to the worried century, saluting with a white cloth at a distance

With high regard for freedom, justice and peace, it is requested from all supporters of peace to express their detestation about war and condemn any attacks on Iran before the moments that sounded drums are deafening us, putting som#mce_temp_url#e distance between us, making our children and women restricted and afterwards all leaders taking their seats again. We are informing the world that all sanctions and threats have caused poverty and unemployment to people's life, especially poorly-paid ones. It must be stressed that all these aftermaths on the Iranian nations will not be compensated by any governments. It is needed to remind here that the eight-year-old war between Iran and Iraq did not cause anything but killed people and poverty for both nations

Today's negotiations are much better than the dinner after the war

.Nowadays, all human beings affect each other's lives and are involved in all bitter and sweet events throughout history

.Those who are interested and would like to say something can add a sentence to this request and inform other friends

.Your presentation will be sent to the United Nations, Human rights, and other organizations and will also be published on the festival website

This statement has been published on behalf of Iran peace poem international festival

Organizer: Rira Abbasi



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