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Director of "International Peace Poetry Festival (Iran- Tehran)24 Sept 2011, IranTehran-Poetry Movement Progra

Title in Iran "Peace with Humans and Creatures"

Director of "International Peace Poetry Festival (Iran- Tehran)24 Sept 2011, IranTehran-Poetry Movement ProgramTitle in Iran "Peace with Humans and Creatures"The event was hosted by the International Festival of Peace Poetry" and 30 poets participated.

Despite all hurdles and last minutechange of plans, the program took place in the Niavaran Meeting Hall. At the beginning of the program, Rira Abbasi, director of the festival addressed the audience about the formation and extent of poetry movements in the world and announcedthe union of the International Peace Poetry Festival with other independent poetry movements.

"There were 37 organizers and 100 poets present in the Medellin Poetry Festival in Colombia where I was invited this year and there were talks about this movement. Things that we have been talking about here in Iran for years, like poetry of peace and the viewpoint of its readers,reconciliation of people with nature, unison of language in rendering the message of the poet inany tongue, promoting courage and justice among people and in literature, standing by human rights particularly with the wounded human soul that is hampered by war and violence and thefact that poetry can reach out to people quicker and more economically than other forms of artand that this movement is a way to make poetry a global phenomenon. A month after suchdiscussions, 77 international festivals, 317 poets and 83 countries from all continents joinedhands in poetry," said Abbasi."I have always believed that poetry can bring a change in culture and behavior of any society andone must make an effort so it is heard by one and all, because violence kills any human voice atthe brink of its formation and this is why the program is named ‘Peace with Humans andCreatures'. Peace makes nature bloom and even weeds have the right to live-", she added.Rira Abbasi reiterated that "This is a synchronized dance of words and poetry across the worldand we are happy to be a part of world poetry readings in five continents,"After the speech, the poets contributed to the program by reading their own poetry and poetry ofothers. Poems by Persian poets Hafez, Saadi, Forough Farrokhzad and Ahmad Shamlou wereread out to the audience. Poet and Spanish language translator, Saeed Azin also read outtranslations of poems by Jose' Marti and Fernando Rendon.The names of poets who read their work were as follows:

Dr. Ali Ghazanfari, Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Monireh Parvaresh, Kaboutar Arshadi, Naser Pirzad,Saeed Azin, Maryam Ala Amjadi (her poems were read out in absentia), Shiva Arastue, RoyaZarrin,Mehry Rahmani, Alireza Abiz, Maryam Khansari, Jawad Khalili, Ali Amouktehnejad,Saeed Soltani and ...At the end of the program, Rira Abbasi read the poem ‘Forbidden Humor' which she haddedicated to freedom of women.

The program was peacefully anchored by Ms. Abbasi and Kaboutar Arshadi (poet and journalist).With the wish to make a better life on earth and prevalence of freedom and that such endeavorsbecome recurrent because reading with world is a new approach to world poetry movements.Rira Abbasi

24th Sept, 2011Tehran-Iran

The poster for this program was designed by Farshid Parsikia (graphic designer) and his wifeFaranak Ahmadzadeh.


Rira Abbasi

Forbidden Humor

Time passes through my history

Nothing is left of the blood stained nuptial kerchief,

the hymened curtains and pajamas


I am to stitch a headscarf from your shirt and this ancient robe

My hair is forbidden by this forbidden humor

Let go of me

for I am more misplaced than the wild flowers in this zoo

Let go of me

because by the by      I come and go in stripes     behind the bars

and it is with your hands that I have a knot in my throat

Let go of me

because history passes through me

and I, more forbidden than all forbidden

am more lost than loss.

Let go of me

8th March 201- Women's Day


Translation from Persian: Maryam Ala Amjadi 


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